Bridal Registry

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Brittany Cutrera – Parker Weeks

July 22, 2017

Fine China – Anna Weatherly Simply Anna Gold/Deshoulieres Orsay Powder Blue

Stemware – Waterford Lismore/Lismore Tall

Flatware – Gorham Golden Ribbon Edge

Shelby Burks – Timothy Cutrera

July 29, 2017

Fine China – Wedgwood Baroque/Royal Doulton Precious Platinum

Stemware – Waterford Lismore Essence

Michelle Cisneros – Taylor Andrus

September 16, 2017

Fine China – Anna Weatherly Antique White/Gold

Stemware – Waterford Lismore/Lismore Tall

Sally McPherson – George Brockman

September 30, 2017

Everyday China – Lenox French Pearl White

Stemware – Lenox Tuscany

Flatware – Lenox French Pearl

Catherine Broussard – William Couter

October 6, 2017

Fine China – Mottahedeh Chinoise Blue/Anna Weatherly Navy Charger

Everyday China – Vietri Lastra White

Flatware – Vietri Martellato/Gorham Golden Ribbon Edge

Jenna Fusilier – John Paul Timpa II

October 14, 2017

Fine China – Pickard Signature Platinum/Starburst

Everyday China – Wedgwood Jasper Conrad

Stemware – Waterford Lismore Essence

Flatware – Lenox Vintage Jewel

Maria Lapira – William Laborde

October 28, 2017

Fine China – Wedgwood Renaissance Gold

Stemware – Waterford Marquis Harper

Flatware – Kate Spade Abington Square

Janie Johnston – Aaron Conrad

November 11, 2017

Fine China – Deshoulieres Orsay Blue

Everyday China – Lenox French Pearl Groove White/Ice Blue/Bluebell

Stemware – Waterford Lismore Diamond/Essence

Flatware – Gorham Valcourt

Grace Thompson – Casey Miller

November 18, 2017

Fine China – Anna Weatherly Anna’s Golden Patina/Simply Anna Gold/Deshoulieres Orsay Powder Blue

Stemware – Waterford Lismore/Lismore Essence

Flatware – Gorham Valcourt

Kristen Hinton – Grant Casey

December 16, 2017


-Q Squared


-Beatriz Ball

-Arthur Court

Laura Schindler – Zac Picard

December 16, 2017

Everyday China – Vietri Lastra Holiday/Red

Flatware – Reed & Barton Manor House

Maggie Laborde – John Paul Miller

December 31, 2017

Fine China – Lenox Jeweled Jardin/Federal Gold Script/Marchesa Rococo Leaf

Stemware – Waterford Marquis Harper

Camille Gunderson – Brian Jackson

January 20, 2018

Stemware – Waterford Lismore Essence/Encore

Flatware – Reed & Barton Francis First

Annaleigh Drost – Cullen Richardson

February 12, 2018

Fine China – Sasha Nicholas Weave with Gold/Deshoulieres Jardin Secret/J. Seignolles Rose

Everyday China – Sasha Nicholas White Weave

Stemware – Waterford Lismore Essence Gold/Essence

Flatware – Reed & Barton Hampden

Julie Robertson – James Hardtner Klumpp

April 7, 2018

Fine China –

-Lenox Marcahesa Shades of Teal

-Anna Weatherly Antique Polka Dot Gold

-Pickard Signature with Gold

-Kate Spade Allison Avenue

-Annie Glass Gold Ruffle

Stemware – Waterford Lismore Essence Gold/Lismore Essence